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Fuck The Xyndigg

Crap. I started review classes at AHEAD Galle for the CETs and UPCAT yesterday, although that was just an orientation. We had UPCAT diag today and dammit, I think I failed it. Lol. No more UP Dili or LB for me! Haha. The math part was so damn hard. I fucking died. O.O No, seriously. It was hell. They had questions in Filipino! Imagine... Algebra and Geom in FILIPINO!!! WTF?! The reading comprehension was also hell. They also had Filipino questions and I couldn't understand the paragraphs and shit like that. I swear. Language Proficiency was all right. I think I scored highest on that part. The Science wasn't too hard, but I think I could definitely do better on the sim UPCAT exam.

Ack. And tomorrow will be diag for ACET. I'm gonna fail math again! Dammit. My head's going to explode if I keep getting math equations and shit like that. O.O I think I'll fail the current events too. Friday will be for DLSUCET. Eek. I hope I do better. I dunno. I'm scared for the sim exams. I really wanna go to a good university, if not college.

About my career... I'm confused now. I've always wanted to be a doctor, but I'm afraid it's not really... ME. I'm not exactly excelling in Science. I also want to take Computer Science so I can be a programmer, but I'm not good in math. Sure, I'm good at HTML and Javascript, etc., but I have to be somewhat good in math too. I also want a creative writing course, since that's what I'm actually doing good or okay at. Or Languages or something. But I'm afraid I won't do better than a lot of people and won't get in since I think there are talent things after getting in to the college or university. Also, I don't know what I want my job to be. I want a stable income, something that will make life easier for me. Being a doctor seems to sort of solve it. Computer Programmer, too, I think. But Creative Writing doesn't seem to be so... rewarding. Sure, get your book to be a best-seller and your cool, but what if it doesn't become one? Or what happens after? It seems to be fulfilling and such, but only for a short while. Being a doctor seems to be more fulfilling. You get to feel successful and everything if you turn out to be a really good one. My mom seems to love it too, and my family seems to like the fact that Medicine is one of my choices since among my cousins in my mother's side, I'm the only one who wants to be a doctor.

I don't know anymore. I also want to take Business Management so I can set up my own business too. I want a clothing store and stuff like that. Something like Hot Topic, you know? Lol. But I really don't know. I want so many things, but if I keep studying and not work, how can I get money for myself? I want to get a good and well-paying job, if not sufficient-paying, so that I can eventually get my own place, nothing big, probably a condo, and buy stuff I like, but not being too extravagant.

Well, I only have a few months to think about it and I wish I can figure it out soon. I need to set my priorities straight too. I need a career. I need priorities, right ones, too. I need to focus, concentrate and do well in school. Ack. Too much pressure and stress. I don't work well under pressure... *sigh*

Let's just hope I figure things out. And not too late.
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