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Missing you...

Crap... O.O I miss someone na. XP Actually... more than just one person... But only one stands out. I haven't talked to this person in DAYS. XP And missing the voice already. How I wish... XP

Clue: Blood-red hair, and deep, dark, blue eyes. XD

Guess who! Lol. No one would prolly know. O.O

Clue #2: "Twenty-six." XP

Irisa and Bel would prolly get this. Rai? Maybe... Toni? Possibly. He he he...

I'm not exactly letting people know, but hey, I can have fun with this, can't I? It's my journal anyway.

But here's one things I'm proclaiming to the world:

" B****E - you ROCK MY WORLD. "
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