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Christmas Break

Okay... So I went to my cousin Rio's fair last Friday. It was interesting. Different from Poveda's, or other school fairs I've been to, but yeah, it was okay. I invited Rai along, and we basically just talked. Haha. I know. Lame of us, but it's not like we'd do anything else. We were just there so we wouldn't be bored at home. It was an excuse to go out of the house, actually. Besides, I saw how my cousin sorta was outside family gatherings. I also saw how some of her friends were, and they were rather... well, they were different. Lol.

Anyway, too bad Rai and I weren't able to go to Starbucks after. My dad told me to go home already, but it was still fun, I guess... Sorta.

Anyway, today, I went to Loyola to visit my lola's grave. It was fun, actually. My mom and I took pictures, and I even brought my SLR. Afterwards, we went to have her glasses fixed and so that she could get contact lenses for herself as well. She figured I should get my eyes checked again and I had my glasses upgraded, since my grade was higher now. I got new contacts too, and I just have to say that I missed wearing contacts. XP It feels like less of a hassle when you don't have to push it up your nose when it slides down. O.O;;

Well, that's all for now... Time for dinner.
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