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Okay... I'm bored. O.O;;

I know I still haven't had a decent update in this journal in so long. I've been updating my semi-private/semi-friends only lj instead.

If you think you should get to see it, go check it out. XP oblivi0ndreams Lalala... Damn. Nothing to do. All I've done is wake up late, go online, watch tv, go online, watch tv, go online, play PS2, go online... and sleep LATE. I mean MORNING. Haha. I think I'm gonna get sick because of what I'm doing, but hell, I don't really care. I like being semi-nocturnal.

(semi-)Word for the day: "semi-"

Shit. I think I should just stop this entry. I'm not making sense. XP Maybe it's the lack of sleep. Or the lack of food. Or both.

I guess I'm just gonna go and play Bully.

[ cool game by the way. try it. ]
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