...The Eternally Damned... (battousai_24) wrote,
...The Eternally Damned...

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I feel sick as hell...

I feel sick. I'm fucking sick again. Argh... Grr... This sucks. Oh well, I haven't updated this since my birthday. And now that I think about inactivity, I haven't posted anything on xe0x_des0s in a long while either. Been too busy with Kigo fics. Lol.

Well, anyway... I have a new SLIGHT obsession...

DIE AND KAORU from DIR~EN~GREY!!!! w00t! They're pwnage! \m/ Lol.

... Oh yeah... I need a new phone. O.O My phones are dying on me. Dammit.

Ah well... that's it for now...
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